We help businesses sustain through the infinite game of customer experience.

Innovate Today, Inspire Tomorrow – Rohith Sampathi
What We Do

Sense, Simplify, Strategise

At Montaigne, we sense the fundamentals of your business problem, simplify the approach and strategise the plan of action. We help you solve business problems with scalable and sustainable practices.

How we do it?

It is easier to solve a big problem by breaking it down into smaller solvable ones


What is the Idea?

No Idea is a Bad Idea.
Successful ideas are always right on time or need. We first find the bigger picture of your dream


How is the Industry?

We experience the industry and identify where your idea fits into the system. We also build the market research report for our complete understanding.


Design the Entry

60% of market success is based on your entry strategy. We design and develop a realistic market entry strategy around the demand-side dynamics


Pilot the Plan of Action

Streamlining a core team and executing the first pilot project is a key. We build the SOPs and work closely with pilot implementation to secure strong entry foundations


Bridging Product with People

Effective communication is the key for any idea. As a promoter, we spread the word of ‘Next Big Thing’ and secure a market success for your idea.

Our Core Ideology

Experience, Evolve, Educate

At Montaigne, we follow a three step mindset. We first experience the industry and understand what’s happening on the inside. We then evolve a plan for the problem statement and educate the solution to the end customer. This three E mindset with our three C rule allowed us to succeed in solving business problem effectively.
What we did?

Connect, Communicate and Collaborate



Our first C of success is Connection. We were able to connect with 60% of target customers within a mere span of 7 months. We understand who the customer is and how to connect with them quite well.



Our second C for success is communicate. We worked on several modes of communication including print media, broadcast media and mass media among others. We empathise with our customers and ensure free flow of communication.



The final C for success is collaborate. We believe in team work and ensure that our clients collaborate with their end customers effectively. We also succeeded in expanding our client’s businesses multi-fold by guiding business partnerships.

Industries we cover

Exploring Above and beyond


A USD 300 Billion market with India and Ecuador marching in the front. A perfect industry that is at the verge of exponential growth and a right time to deploy sustainability.

Specialty Chemicals

A USD 700 billion market by 2027 with China accounting for 25% of share. China Plus One Strategy and favouring policies to drive the sector in developing Asian nations.


Electric vehicles gain traction in developing economies. India, China and the US recover from COVID setback. Bridging products with people becomes critical with more options and strong word of mouth.
First step towards a solution is communication

Talk to us Now

Feel free to discuss your problem statement or a business Idea with our Think Tank. We help simplify your process of developing an idea into an addressable market product.