Year Two, a milestone and a leap

It feels just like yesterday, where a team of four people – a developer, a designer, a marketer, and a strategist; with a dream to simplify business management, represented Montaigne. Fast-forwarding to two years, today, this group of four grew to twenty-four, and our goals got much more significant.

We started as a startup incubator that helps early-stage startups/ emerging businesses to plan and execute their business strategy effectively. Thanks to the baby-sitting responsibility bestowed on us, we were exposed to a diverse activity range in the arena of product marketing strategy online. Improving SERP of a website organically, building maximum-return CPC campaigns, design marketing, and make the content talk were some of the many areas where we succeeded. In spite of consistent performance and happy customer feedbacks, never were we able to convince ourselves with what our analysis said is a success.

Our drive towards strategic business management probed us to simplify marketing, the activity that drained a lot of our intellect. Having worked with humongous data, it wasn’t hard for our team to figure out how to automate our product marketing strategy. LeadMirror - a smart digital marketing assistant, was the brainchild of our success stories. A system that helped us strategize online marketing has been given life and named LeadMirror. Today, LeadMirror Amity Eagle is finding its place in the marketing tool kit of every strategic marketer and SEO expert. Built with love from the best developers for the best marketers, Amity Eagle is our way of trying to revolutionize digital marketing experience. A sensitive, simplified, and strategic approach to marketing strategy.

Montaigne also announced SalesStart and ThinkTank this year, to support businesses starting from an idea, through making a business plan, to making the first customer. Today, we have placed ourselves as a trusted companion during an entire business marketing lifecycle. SalesStart is helping us understand business management from a broader perspective, and ThinkTank has brought us closer to our customer frequency. We have a lot of paths to walk here and are all excited about the way we are heading.

Finally, this year also marked a historical beginning to Montaigne ThinkTank Community. With the entry of Siddharth, and Rohith learning computer science, we are all eyes awaiting to witness the evolution of our flagship A2i experience.

Nonetheless, team Montaigne thanks all of our subscribers, customers, and well-wishers for their support and trust bestowed on us. We owe this milestone to you as it is you who made this possible.

Note: Our developers are currently working on trying to make our A2i insights and subsequent articles available on our website Our acquired knowledge in the fields of design, development, marketing, SEO, and UI/UX are available here