How to get in the game with industry sharks and implement a noticeable marketing strategy that stands out!

About the Project

About the Project!

DataM Intelligence is a market research and business intelligence firm that empowers clients in moulding strategic business decisions. Expert insights from our proprietary data warehouse has enhanced- market access, product life cycle augmentation, market potential assessment, industry forecasting, full scale segment analysis and prudent collaboration prospects


Market Research


Comprehensive product placement strategy, ROI focused ad campaigns with less investment

Project Duration

16 Days



  1. Quality-first product and perceived value
  2. Very niche target audience and complex interests & persona
  3. Standing out from the crowd

Problem Statement

Get Leads for $4500 product amidst very high competition
and minimal budget

A market intelligence and business consulting firm wanted leads for its market research reports. The market was highly competitive and the average CPA of the industry was INR 1800. The client low on resources and wanted ways to bring down the average lead cost.

Solution Process

we analyzed the existing website and understand the painpoints

Our Approach: Pinpoint targeting and user-centric search ADs

Google Search was the major touchpoint for market research customers. Using our proprietary targeting techniques, and persistent efforts, we were able to bring down the average CPA to an industry record low of INR 800 in Google Search ADs.

Further, over 80% of the incoming leads had an average CPA of INR 120 and the best being INR 1.47. Yeah lead cost was
INR 1.47 and the revenue made was INR 3,50,000!

Final Outcomes

  • 300% increase in revenue with 20% total investment
  • Retention rate increased up to 19%
  • Boost in organic sessions from targeted locations

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How to get in the game with industry sharks and implement a noticeable marketing strategy that stands out!

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