Frequently Asked Questions

Will my business idea generate profits?

Identifying the product-market fit is a critical phase for every business. Montaigne has developed no-product market requirements and a new product-market-fit framework that allows you to understand if your business model can be profitable.

Do you build a website in 3 days?

No. We can’t build a website in 3 days. We will need a minimum of 7 days to make a 2-page simple website. Why? Templates are suitable for mass production, not a business strategy. Montaigne believes that your website should be a virtual representation of your business and its purpose. We need three days for design architecture alone and another four days to make your vision into a real-time user experience.

What are your marketing packages?

We are not selling a group tour itinerary. So NO packages! Even if we were running tours, we prefer to make your experience tailored and memorable. Montaigne pricing is relative to the product-market problem we are trying to solve, and the kind of effort required to execute effectively.

Can you clone this app for me?

Why clone an app when it’s already there? If you have a USP and a problem that you are trying to solve, we are happy to help. However, if the solution is precisely available, we feel you don’t need us.

What is UX design, and is it important?

User Experience design involves building a storyline for ‘how a customer’ interacts with your product or a website. Montaigne becoming a UX first company is since it is the user experience that can make or break a customer relationship with your company, website, or even a mobile application.

Why website development?

Still don’t have a website? Over 65% of product purchases in 2019 were after a 10min online research of the product. The site is more like an online brochure for your business. Today, the website has even become a virtual store for your business in the digital world. Instead of visiting your storefront, your customers are visiting your site and deciding on product purchases.

Should I go for android application or iOS?

Who are your customers? What are their demographics? Answering this question is harder than it seems. We at Montaigne try to understand your customer persona and only then tell if you need an android or iOS or a hybrid application.

How is Montaigne different from the marketing agency?

Montaigne deals with digital marketing, Google Ads, Social Ads, web development, and app development. But that is where our similarities with an agency end. Unlike agencies, we don’t have plans or packages. We don’t have an independent web development or marketing teams. We have problem solvers, equipped with skills of growth hacking, UI/UX development, design, psychology, and strategy building. Team skill make-up allows us to use marketing and development as tools to solve complex business problems. We run on strategy and planning than template and delivery.

How effective are social ADs?

Are your product buyers active on social media? Do they spend more time on the phone and Facebook/ Insta? Is your product an FMCG or electronic good? If your answer is yes to any of the earlier questions, then yes, social Ads are adequate for your business.

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