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Innovate Today, Inspire Tomorrow, says this Hyderabad - based strategy consulting startup.

You’ve heard of successful strategy consulting giants and marketing agencies. But here is a startup that didn’t stop trying even if it hit a roadblock during Covid-19. Montaigne Smart Business Solutions is a Hyderabad based startup that was in the news earlier for hiring and
mentoring the ‘World’s youngest data scientist’. Montaigne was also known for incubating eleven emerging startups spread across EdTech, Healthcare, Market Research, and FMCG, where the company provided technology, marketing, and advisory services, to name a few. 

When asked why he hired an 11-year-old when twenty other companies rejected him outright 

“I am learning how a computer works, and it’s good to have a buddy to learn along with. Age and degree should never be a constraint for following your dreams”, 

said Rohith Sampathi, founder of Montaigne.

In 2020, the company fell short of its ambitious goal of making digital marketing cleaner and privacy-first through LeadMirror, an AI Marketing assistant. During the same time, the Indian aquaculture industry was beginning to take a nosedive with barely any improvements in the market in decades., Seeing this as an opportunity to make a lasting impact,

Montaigne joined with Matrix Sea Foods to make aquaculture sustainable. Within 20 months, Matrix reached 50,000 digital followers and over 10,000 clientele, covering 76% of the overall market share. In addition, Montaigne founded Royye Raju, an all-digital for farmer initiative. Royye Raju standardized the way aquafarmers in Andhra Pradesh (India) practice shrimp/fish culture.

“During the last 16 months, we wanted to change how aquaculture is practiced. We wanted the industry to become scalable and sustainable. So, starting from educating farmers on the methods to be used and building better products to shaping Indian aquaculture for a better tomorrow, we enjoyed every hour of our collaboration with Matrix. We would love to work in aquaculture again if any business is looking for us”, said Rohith when asking about their last project in making aquaculture sustainable. 

Today, Montaigne announced its entry into strategic partnerships, where it helps businesses and promising startups to scale up their business and solve their most challenging problems. The company offers market intelligence and advisory to its clients, structuring the market entry and helping the founders reach their business goals.

We believe it is not about the number of clients you have served but the scale of the problem you choose to solve. At Montaigne, we collaborate with only those sustainabilitydriven or “make-life easier” businesses. We are committed to working towards the change,and that is why we spend more time with our clients, says Rohith when asked why Montaigne has just twelve clients in four years while their peers have twelve clients a month.

Montaigne is currently working with AskAgro toward making horticulture sustainable. It is also working on making aquaculture traceable and sustainable in India. In the coming days, we can see more innovations for today and inspirations for Tomorrow, with companies like Montaigne working with impactful businesses to drive the change. About the Company: Montaigne Smart Business Solutions is a Hyderabad-based startup
established in 2017. The company operates in business mentoring, think tanks, and strategic partnerships. The company also invests in promising startups by providing them with go-tomarket support.

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