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Growth Hacking at Montaigne

Early startups need Growth, not a fix-your-sales-by-ad project. We enable an accelerated growth journey through empirical and scalable methodologies.



Empathising with the initial idea with the help of user stories. Walking through the conceptualization to realize the consumer’s utility.


Product Research

Understanding the product and gauging the initial traction for the product in the market. Involves creating a suitable product map to asses focus areas throughout the product life cycle.


Understanding the landscape

Scanning the competition and assessing the market opportunities to steer towards rapid initial growth.


Product Mapping

Scrutinising the product to devise the best marketing strategy focused on- features, usability, feasibility.


Customer acquisition

Connecting people with product through data backed precision marketing to increase visibility to the right customers.


Fine tuning

Enhancing efficiency by customizing the strategy to match prevailing market trends. Thus, bringing the product to the right people at the right time.

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