Types of SEO and Paradigms of Their Usability

Written by Montaigne

August 18, 2020

Search Engine Optimization is the key to rank anything. Ranking can be acquired ethically. Ranking can also be acquired unethically. Here are all the means and modalities of SEO.

1. White Hat SEO.

Every search engine gives certain directives. These directives are to rank. These directives are to authorize. An SEO strategy that has compliance with these given directives is called White Hat SEO. You can rank Toys with it. You can rank Wiley X Eyewear with it. You can rank anything by living on the premises of those directives. Premises are,

  • Quality Content
    • Quality of Service
    •  Fast Loading
    • Mobile Friendliness
    • Easier Navigation of Website

2. Black Hat SEO.

The ultimate purpose is to rank the keyword. The ultimate purpose is to get the authority. Sometimes people don’t care if the means are wrong. Certain tricks are used to get the desired ranking. These tricks are considered unethical as well as biased. But they can deliver instant results for good ranking and authority. These unethical tricks fall into the category of Negative SEO. It is used for instant ranking. But it has consequences as well.

The tricks are given below.

  • Paid links
    • Comment Spamming
    • Content Duplication
    • Article Spinning
    • Cloaking
    • Doorway Pages
    • Keyword Stuffing

3. Negative SEO.

Negative SEO is used to turn down the competitors. Everyone has competitors in the industry. Everyone tries to get past their competitors. Sometimes unethical techniques are used.

These techniques mitigate the ranking of the competitor instead of improving your ranking. Negative SEO is quite similar to Black Hat SEO. Competitors use unethical tricks to lower the ranking of their competitors.

They do so by copying the content and spreading it. They do so by linking unrelated links to the website. They do so by erasing alternative texts. That process goes on repeatedly. Negative SEO is used by private blog networks too.

Individuals using these techniques prefer the Expired Domain. The domain that possesses good quality. By using these expired domains they try to uplift the website authority. It gives thenan advantage.

They don’t have to do link building. They can easily rank their website by these expired domains. When it comes to linking, these individuals find low-quality domains to get likes to website. They don’t go for High-Quality domains to get links.

There is another way too. They use the exact keyword as Anchor Text. They use it likewise and get links from other websites with the same anchor text. Google keeps updating its SEO paradigms. It does so put a halt on Negative SEO.

4. ON Page SEO.

As it goes to the ON-Page SEO, you are controlling authority. That isn’t the case in Off-page SEO. You aren’t controlling the aspects of Ranking. There are certain paradigms to control On-page SEO.

It includes the quality of the page and age structure. In page structure, it includes Text, tags, titles, and Meta description. It also includes page performance. The aspects of URLs and internal linking is also associated with the On0-page inking. All these things are related as well as combined.

5. Off-Page SEO.

When it comes to Off-Page SEO, it is totally audience dependent. Whether it is social sharing or the reviews, they go in the court of the audience. Off-page SEO is as necessary as On-page SEO.

If you have particularized the website for the On-page SEO, it won’t rank without the Off-page SEO as well. It includes Social Bookmarking, Press Releases, Blogs, and various other aspects. Backlinks as well as the Domain authority are associated with Off-page SEO.

6. Technical SEO.

Modern Search Engines require the website to behave accordingly. How to make the websites behave accordingly likewise? Technical SEO plays a role. It creates the mechanism and strategy to understand the modern-day search engines.

It is used to provide the organic raking to the website. It uses certain strategies for this process. Indexing, crawling, website architecture, and rendering as the key strategies in this regard.

From Wiley X Sunglasses to Gucci, you can uplift the organic authority of any brand by technical SEO. The latest Google Core Update has proved to be very helpful for technical SEO. It helps the Crawlers to interrupt the content to trace it.

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