WordPress or Shared Hosting: Which One is Best to Host Your Website?

Written by Montaigne

August 12, 2020

When you create a website, you need to make an important decision on the type of web hosting plan to purchase. If you have built your website using an application such as WordPress, you’ll need hosting that suits best for your website to be available online. So, selecting the right web hosting plan is vital or else it would leave your website underperforming.

The two most popular plans that newbies select for hosting their website are shared hosting and WordPress hosting. Shared hosting comes at a low price because you shared the resources of the server with other users. In WordPress hosting, the server is optimized with a specific platform.

So, in this post, you will learn about these two hosting types and select a plan that will suit your needs. Let’s start!

Shared Hosting

In simple words, a web hosting plan is a service that allows you to rent space for your website on a server. This helps your website to get online and allows people to visit it. You will find several hosting plans available but, each one is different in terms of price and potential benefits.


A shared hosting plan is one of the most common options in which a single server hosts multiples websites. It is completely the opposite of dedicated hosting on which a single site is hosted and has the complete server for itself. New and smaller websites mostly opt for cheap shared hosting due to its low cost.

Price is the primary benefit but it even has some disadvantages. You need to share the resources with other websites and this might affect your website performance if one of the sites gets a lot of traffic. Security is another concern with shared hosting but if you select a good web host, you will get additional security measures.

Just shared hosting isn’t the option for you. You can also select something highly specific to the platform you are using.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

  • With most of the shared hosting plans, you get unlimited storage space whether your site is small or large shared hosting can store everything.
  • You can use any CMS you want to and shared hosting supports all content management systems and web development software.
  • It is the cheapest web hosting option among others.

WordPress Hosting

As per the name, WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting that’s specially designed for WordPress website. WordPress hosting doesn’t work similarly to shared hosting platform. However, it can be shared, dedicated, or something entirely different.


Your WordPress website will get the best performance and high security with cheap WordPress hosting. Additionally, you can get access to features that are specially developed for WordPress such as automatic WordPress updates, pre-installed sites, and dedicated WordPress support.

These are just a few features; your plan will include more features based on your hosting provider. Moreover, many hosts offer both managed as well as unmanaged WordPress hosting plans. In unmanaged WordPress hosting, site optimization and server management is your responsibility. In managed WordPress hosting, the web host will take care of your server management and updates installation. Therefore, this plan comes at higher prices than the unmanaged one.

Advantages of WordPress Hosting

  • The server can be optimized for allowing advanced server caching. This helps to improve your website’s performance.
  • Due to the increased speed of your website, your SEO gets improved and ranking in Google gets boosted.
  • You get auto-updates and high security with WordPress hosting.
  • Managed WordPress hosting offers a dedicated support team expert in WordPress.
  • Also, the web host ensures that the latest plugins are installed on your website.
  • Moreover, you get automatic backups from the WordPress host so that you can restore the data whenever required.

Deciding Which Plan is the Best

Shared as well as WordPress hosting are feasible options and so selecting a right one might be difficult for you. But you can directly compare them and select one for hosting your website.

When you are just starting your website, the cost is your main concern. As mentioned above, shared hosting is offered at the lowest price as compared to other hosting plans. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for hosting your new websites and blogs.

But even WordPress hosting plans are affordable for startup websites. WordPress hosting is specifically designed to meet the needs of your WordPress website.

If you can afford to buy a WordPress hosting plan, you can go for managed WordPress hosting. Though being costly, it will help you to keep your website secure and offer the best performance. Especially if you are completely new to WordPress or a business owner that doesn’t has the time or expertise to manage performance and security issues personally, can opt for managed WordPress hosting.

At last, you won’t find the right choice of hosting for every website. It is better to think upon the individual requirements of your business as well as a website.

The Verdict

A hosting plan is one of the most important aspects to think upon when launching a new site.

Shared hosting is highly popular for smaller websites and blogs due to itsaffordability. Managed WordPress hosting is suitable forthose who want a highly-optimized and secure site, and are ready to invest high.

So, check for your website requirements and then select a web hosting option correctly.

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